Audible – Either Your User Name or Password are Invalid

Recently I’ve been having trouble with my Audible content – that is it stopped showing up in iTunes 7.4.2 on my Mac. SInce I had changed a few other things I thought I was having trouble with Audible authorization. So I tried to deauthorize one of the other computers that I had authorized for Audible content.

When I selected “Deauthorize Audible Account” under the advanced menu in iTunes, I would get the following error message:

Audible User Name or Password Error

So I double checked my user name and password by logging out of and into the Audible site.  I contacted Audible support via email. They were quick and helpful. The support representative did note:

Note* Currently there is a known bug when trying to deactivate your account from iTunes from your end of the system. It will keep giving you the error that the ‘username/password is invalid.’ Please disregard it for the time being.

However, my problem stemmed from something very simple. It would appear that during one of the recent multiple iTunes upgrades, the check box to show Audible content in the General Pane of the Preferences was turned off.  Once I checked that, we were back in business.


9 thoughts on “Audible – Either Your User Name or Password are Invalid

  1. i just bought an Ipod Nano and i downloaded iTunes and it keeps asking me for a username and password…but i don’t know any….HELP!!!

  2. I had exactly the same issue as judismith – strange that it’s almost 7 months later and this bug still hasn’t been fixed… I contacted Audible to reset my activations, but then still had the same problem with username/password. “Disregarding it” was all good and well, i thought, but how do I get my Audiobooks back. Voila – check the General pane of iTunes Prefs and make sure you have checked Audiobooks in the list of content to display… Doh! Thank goodness for that – this was driving me crazy…

  3. Same issue. The Audiobooks aren’t missing–that checkbox is checked–but I can’t deauthorize my Audible account. I’m getting the same error even though I’ve verified that my username and password is correct.

  4. I have received an audio book and it is in downloads. However I cannot access it as the box comes up requesting Audio User Name and Password. My computer is authorized. Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem?

    1. I do not know which music application you’re trying to add the audio book to (i.e. using Philips Songbird, iTunes, etc) but I was able to access my audio book by having both iTunes open AND my account open. I was having the exact same problem of not having access to my newly downloaded book and by having both iTunes and managing account webpage open at the same time seemed to make it all work out.

  5. Thank you! I’ve been making myself NUTS this afternoon trying to figure out a work around for this bug. I am both relieved for your post and highly irritated that something this simple hasn’t been fixed.

  6. I want to login to my library from my samsung galaxy s3 phone. However. Access is denied stating that my password/login is invalid. I have been using the pw and login for a long time on my samsung android. Please assist?

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