Using Nintendo Wiimote with the Mac

Remote Buddy Thomas Roth Berghofer observes how cool it would be to use a Wiimote with Keynote. One suggestion is that the presenter could use a Wiimote gesture to turn the cube in a Keynote presentation.

The makers of the excellent Remote Buddy software allows you to use a Wiimote to control your Mac. Any key can be assigned to a button. Further, the Wiimote can control the mouse by pointing, like it controls the cursor on the Wii console. To see all the the Wii mote can do when paired with Remote Buddy, check out their very cool demo video – its like QuickSilver for remotes.

However, Remote Buddy only gets you half way there. To complete the illusion, you will need to use mouse gestures. To enable mouse gestures on your Mac you will need some additional software. FlyGesture is a free solution that will let you execute complex commands with mouse gestures.

When you combine Remote Buddy with FlyGesture, you can use mouse gestures from your Wiimote to turn the cube in Keynote.


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