Manage Your Tasks at Remember the Milk with Quicksilver

Remember the Milk is a deceptively simple web application that lets you manage tasks. The power lies in the ability to manage my tasks from where ever I am. I can add tasks from my Blackberry with a simple SMS or email. I can create a task by forwarding an email to RTM. I can access all of my lists on my Blackberry with a mobile interface. Now by combining Twitter and Quicksilver – the ultimate Mac productivity tool – I can send a task right from Quicksilver with a few key strokes.

The blog at Baron VC links to a script called “tweet”. Unfortunately the instructions for using the script on the Baron VC blog are lacking some details to get the script working correctly.

Set Up Twitter

To use the script you will need to get and set up your Twitter account. Then you will need to add RTM as a friend to your Twitter account. Click the “follow” button near the top of the page.

Connect with RTM

Once your Twitter account is set up, you will need to set up the RTM Twitter Service. RTM will generate a character sequence that will validate your account for use with Twitter. You can go to your twitter page to send a direct message with the number from RTM.

Keychain Access to Your Twitter Account

Once that is done, if you don’t already have an entry for your Twitter account in your Keychain, you will want to manually add one by opening Keychain Access and adding a new password item. The name should be Fill out the user name and password with your twitter username and password and save it.

Get the Script

Download the script from Baron VC or copy and paste it from the blog of its originator, codahale. Put the script into the ~\Library\Application Support\Quicksilver\Actions folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, create it. Quit and restart Quicksilver (Cmd+Ctrl+Q).

Sending Tasks from Quicksilver

To send direct messages to Twitter from Quicksilver, activate Quicksilver, press the period key. Type d rtm and then your task information. Hit the Tab key and type as much of “Tweet” as you need to until tweet.scpt pops up in Quicksilver. Press Enter and your task is on its way to your RTM Inbox.

There is much more that can be done with Twitter and direct messages. See the instructions at the RTM Twitter Service page.


4 thoughts on “Manage Your Tasks at Remember the Milk with Quicksilver

  1. Thanks a lot for this! I followed Baron VC’s instructions and didn’t get anywhere. You’ve filled in the missing gaps (of which there were quite a few 😉 ).

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