Of iTunes, Audible, and Podcasts

Audible.com is this really cool service that lets you purchase and download audio books as well as some subscription material. Since I have an hour commute each way to work, Audible, my iPod and of course my indispensable DLO Transpod, help me make that time productive. Hey it’s better than yacking on the cell phone.

Anyway, I got my new iPod Video, 30GB and wanted to try out Audible content. I got an offer for a free month. One of the things that I subscribed to was the NY Times Audio Edition. I read the Wall Street Journal but don’t have time for the Times. So iPod and Audible on my way to work was my answer.

I subscribed to the NY Time Audio edition at Audible, and then clicked the “Podcast It” button which boasts one-click integration with iTunes. I checked in iTunes and sure enough it was there.

Then the trouble starts. I try to sync my iPod. I get the error mesaage: “Some of the Audible files in the iTunes music library were not copied to the iPod because this iPod may only contain content from two Audible accounts.” No problem. I only have one. Try again. Still no dice. I look on Audible, there is a laundry list of things to do if you get that message that ranged from restarting your computer to restoring your iPod to factory defaults. I tried them all. No luck.

Then, by dumb luck after I downloaded the audio to my desktop and tried to drag it over to the iPod (which didn’t work) I double clicked on the file. Up came the prompt to authorize my computer for the Audible account. Now everything works as expected. Of course, if your computer isn’t authorized you would expect a message that tells you that, not one that tells you that you are trying to sync with too many accounts.

One last note: as I returned to the Audible help pages today, I found this message:

If you are trying to transfer a newly podcasted Audible subscription to your iPod for the first time, and receive this error message, please read the following:
You must play the file in iTunes, by double clicking on it, before you try transferring it. This will force iTunes to prompt you for your Audible Username & Password and create an activation for your Audible account.
There is a bug in the current version of iTunes and it unfortunately fails to prompt you to create this activation when you attempt the transfer. Once you have activated your account, you will not have to do this again and you will be able to transfer without any difficulty. We have informed Apple of this bug and they are working to resolve this issue in the next release.


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