OS X Tiger smbd process overflow fix (error -10810)

I normally live in a blissful Mac existence. My MacBook Pro just works, just like it should. I enjoy the enhanced productivity that comes from using it. For those occasions when I need to use Windows, I have Parallels’ wonderful virtual machine installed. When I need Windows, I boot up a Windows session in about 20 seconds – much quicker than my Dell Precision M70.

Today I downloaded and installed the latest update for my MBP – 10.4.7(Intel). Everything was it’s usual harmonious self. Then I restarted. All of a sudden when I tried to launch an applicaiton I would get a mysterious -10810 error. I would also get “too many processes” when I tried to open a .dmg file. Nothing was consistent. I tried resetting the PRAM. I tried a boot to safe mode to repair the disk. Nothing worked.

Finally, I ran across this article, The Fix. Stéphane Nouhaud edited the launchd file, which is a system daemon used to run scripts automatically. Nouhaud suggests using Lingon, a freeware utility, to edit the launchd file and add a -F argument to the org.samba.smbd process. The argument goes on a new line after the /usr/sbin/smbd entry.

I have to say that it appears to be working. I’ve done all of the usual things to invoke the smbd process overrun and it hasn’t occured yet. Thanks to the good folks at MacWindows.com for this tip.


7 thoughts on “OS X Tiger smbd process overflow fix (error -10810)

  1. are you still getting the error or is everything working ok? I’ve had the same problems with a number of different apps. going to try lingon, but thinking it was the mbp update that created this problem.

  2. Jon, It was the MBP update that caused the issue as far as I can tell. However, since applying this fix, everything has been working fine. I have had no more smbd overflow errors.

  3. I’m having the same problem and i’ve tried to apply your fix, but every time i add -F to the Program Arguments it says

    ‘A file already exists at /System/Libarary/LaunchDaemons/smbd.plist
    Please choose another name (lable)’

    Can ou tell me what i’m doing wrong or give me a step by step way of doing it. I found that I can edit the smbd.plist file directly but I don’t know enough about this to feel safe doing it.

  4. i have a similair problem with my mac mini

    i have tried adding the -F line but upon inspection it is already there. i hae tried setting a maximum number of processes within sharepoints for the smbd process. and this doesnt seem t have made any difference.

    i just get a steady increase in the number of processes. i cant seem to find the smbd.conf file either to try making max connection alterations there.

  5. i just ran on this error a few moments ago while moving some 120GB files from my firewire attached disk to my “samba” mounted second hard drive …

    OSX 10.5.4 😦

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